Journal  of Sharia Law Science is committed to the preservation and accessibility of its published content. Our archive policy is designed to ensure that all published materials remain available for reference and research over the long term.

Digital Preservation:

We partner with trusted digital archiving services to ensure the long-term preservation of our digital content. This includes not only the journal's published articles but also supplementary materials, such as datasets and multimedia files when applicable.

Open Access Archives:

All articles published in Journal  of International Multidisciplinary Research are archived in recognized open-access archives and repositories. This enhances the discoverability and accessibility of our content to a global audience.

Permanent URL Assignment:

Each article published in Journal  of International Multidisciplinary Research is assigned a permanent and citable URL, ensuring that it can be referenced and located reliably even in the future.

DOI Registration:

We register Digital Object Identifiers (DOIs) for all published articles. DOIs provide a persistent and unique identifier for each article, making it easy for researchers to locate and cite the content.

Availability and Access:

Journal  of International Multidisciplinary Research is committed to providing free access to its archive. All articles are accessible online and can be downloaded and cited by researchers, scholars, and readers worldwide.

Data Preservation:

In addition to article content, we encourage authors to provide access to their research data whenever possible. Data associated with articles are archived in accordance with data preservation standards, where applicable.

Rights and Permissions:

We respect the rights of authors and adhere to licensing and copyright agreements. We aim to ensure that archived content is in compliance with the rights and permissions granted by the authors.

Periodic Backup:

Regular backups of our content are maintained to safeguard against potential data loss and to ensure that all content remains accessible.

Upgrade and Migration:

We remain vigilant about technology changes and evolving digital preservation best practices. As such, we are prepared to upgrade and migrate content to newer platforms and formats as needed to ensure its continued availability.

Journal  of Sharia Law Science is dedicated to preserving its published content to support ongoing research, reference, and scholarship. Our archive policy is aligned with international standards for digital preservation and open access, reinforcing our commitment to the dissemination of knowledge across diverse disciplines.